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EB-5 Attorney & Visa Advisors

Various types of United States visas and the services EB5 Attorneys provide

Tier A: Non-Immigrant Visas

This visa track temporarily allows foreign nationals in the United States by maintaining residency in their country of residence and meet the conditions and requirements of that particular visa.

There are four sub-tracks that can be applied for in an effort to receive a non-immigrant visa:

               A.1Work track (includes A, C, D, G, H, I, J, O, P, R visas)

               A.2. Business track (includes B, E, L visas)

               A.3. Education track (includes F, M visas)

               A.4. Special visa track (includes K, Q, S visas)

Tier B: Immigrant Visas

Immigrant visas allow foreign nationals to permanently stay in the United States.  There are two sub-tracks that can be applied for in an effort to obtain an immigrant visa:

               B.1. The Family track:

               B.2. The Employment or Sponsorship track

Tier C:  Permanent United States Citizenship

Citizenship allows foreign nationals to stay in the United States as a lawful permanent resident. The EB-5 Investment program is an excellent example of a Permanent Citizenship visa garnered through investment by petitioner (Immigrant Investor).

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